June 21st, 2007


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Work sucked so much today. You know how it feels at the end of the day after walking around a big anime convention, or sight-seeing around a city, or walking around a big museum? That's how my feet feel every day. I have so much to do when I come home, but instead I'm so exhausted that all I end up doing is watching anime and surfing the internet. And on top of that, our air conditioning is broken so I'm both tired and hot.

Anyway. There's going to be a Juushin Enbu anime. How do I feel about this?

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And that's all I have to say until we get more info. I'm at least hoping that the story/scenario writers for the manga are working with the anime crew. And I think it would be awesome if Arakawa were to do the character designs.

Also, would it almost be a good time to start up the juushin_enbu comm? Maybe once the first tankoubon is out in August? Because I think anime info might be out of place on bos_taurus...