June 9th, 2007


Yay Redwall!

After doing that meme in my previous post, I started looking through Youtube and was pleased to find AMVs for the Redwall animated series. Here are my favorites:


Mission Impossible Brome I don't know why I find this so amusing. Maybe it's Brome's eyebrows in the beginning. XD

A movie trailer for Martin the Warrior Using music from Pirates of the Caribbean, which is actually very appropriate.

So Far Away A beautiful Martin/Rose video. It starts out heartwarming and then ends heartbreaking. ;__; I especially love the ending; the song fits Martin very well.

I also found a Cornflower/Cluny video that was just SO WRONG LOL. XD
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Weekly Anime Theater Returns!

This time I'll be showing Victorian Romance Emma. As the title says, it's basically a romance set in Victorian England between a man of the gentry and a humble maid. Thus the main conflict is differences in social class, though for the most part the series is very relaxed. However, it has made my mom cry. A LOT. So be prepared for some sad moments as well. XD

I think what I like the most about this show is the characters. I love nearly all of the secondary characters. From William's family, to Hakim, and the Molders family in the second season...there's such a variety of personalities. *__* I also like how Eleanor, the romantic rival, is not villainized at all; she's just an innocent young girl who falls in love with the wrong guy. I think it's thanks to these characters that it's possible to enjoy this series even if you're not invested in William and Emma's romance.

I also like the slice-of-life aspect (though it's not nearly as prevalent in the second season compared to the first). Everything is meticulously researched, and it really makes you feel like you're in London, even though it's animation. If you're a history fan, this is a guaranteed Must See.

Episode 1: The Gift The way Emma and William first meet is amusing. How they start their relationship is also very cute. :)

Episode 2: Two Worlds In which Eleanor and William's siblings are introduced. William is rather naive when it comes to class differences, leading to some awkward moments.

Episode 3: Confession ELEPHANTS LOL. Oh god I love this episode. Seriously, even if you don't plan on watching the series, you NEED to download this episode. Hakim is honestly one of the funnest characters ever. XD

As a sidenote, the translations for the first two episodes kinda suck. I swear, they're correct only 50% of the time. It doesn't take away from the experience too much, but it bugs me because they can't even get simple things right. There aren't any other groups subbing this series, though. And at least they get their act together by episode 3.

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY kirarakim!!! :D