June 3rd, 2007


It's a great time to be an Emma fan; won't you join me?

Update on my job status: Well, since barely anyone has contacted me despite having sent out like 50 resumes in the past two weeks, I decided to work at my mom's law firm again. This time I'll be working on the 6th floor instead of in the IT Department, so hopefully I'll have more to do this time. Yes, I said I wanted to work somewhere else, preferrably at Borders or the public library (they had a Library Page position available!), but THEY HAVEN'T CONTACTED ME and I'm very in need of money. ;__; Ah well.

Orientation is tomorrow, but mom's away all weekend and tomorrow so I have to take the train with dad tomorrow. Which is why I'm RUSHING to get various things done right now before going to dad's house later today. Yeah.

Also, one other good thing about me getting this job is that now hopefully mom will let me go to Writer's Group again. D: Jessi's going to leave soon NOOOOO.

In other news: Episode 6 of Emma Second Act was just AMAZING. I've been waiting for Richard and Aurelia's story to be animated and I am not disappointed one bit. I even uploaded it on Youtube because I love it so much. I also laughed out loud at Hans getting the church bell in his plum pudding. XD The German Christmas traditions were fun to see, too. Ahh man, when the anime gets good, it gets GOOD.

I also found the 9th Bangaihen chapter that shows William and Hakim when they first met each other as kids and playing tennis!! *___* I thought the chapter devoted to Erich and his pet squirrel was the cutest thing ever, but I was WRONG, THIS is the CUTEST THING EVER!! I am so going to try to translate it when I have the time.

SO WHO WANTS TO BE AN EMMA FAN WITH ME?? I want someone to talk to about it now that I'm on an Emma high! If I were to upload all the previous episodes of the anime, would anyone want to watch it? If so, how many episodes should I upload? Three per week?