April 29th, 2007


Anime for Beginners

Whee, taking a break from writing my English paper to talk about anime some more. :P

Earlier today, I recalled this conversation I had with someone at my job last summer. He was asking me about anime, and before long I realized that he really didn't know much about it, because I had to explain to him that anime isn't a genre, it's a medium, and that it can take on any genre just as well as live action. And I began thinking, what would be the ideal list of anime to introduce to someone who has never actually watched any, or whose only impression of anime is stuff like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, DBZ, etc.?

Out of the anime I've watched, this would be my list. Keep in mind that my goal here is to prove that anime isn't just about schoolgirls, ninjas, and giant robots. I've organized it in a dinner menu format just for fun. I'm also leaving out anime movies, or else the list would be taken up entirely by Studio Ghibli.

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Of course, different people have different tastes. My list is targeting adults with a "sophisticated" taste, but a few of the above choices would put some people to sleep. So here are alternatives:
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That's only out of everything I've seen, though. I'd be interested in seeing what other people would choose for their own lists. :D
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