April 19th, 2007


Let's talk anime

Fsjdfijhsaijkfihjgruig I want to watch the new episode of Darker than BLACK~~ D: I've been looking at screencaps and omg there's Mao, and Li/Hei acting all innocent, seducing another girl, and pigging out some more. Curse you computer, curse you college internet!!

I don't have much to say about Romeo x Juliet because when I'm watching the only thoughts going through my head are "squeee Juliet is so cute!" or "squeee Juliet is so kickass!" Romeo I still find kinda boring. Though I have to wonder, does this really count as love-at-first-sight? Because surely Juliet must have remembered him from when he saved the Crimson Whirlwind? And she just seemed to shrug him off that first time. Well, maybe it'll be explained in the third episode when I get to watch it.

Also, I watched episode 27 of Death Note. I'm actually impressed with the second part so far. It's going at a fast pace. And I like the new music. Near sounds really...girly, though. XD I think what impressed me the most about the episode was this one transition shot that zoomed in through Near's tower of match sticks. That was pretty cool.

Anime Club news: I've been elected as Secretary! Alex is the new Vice President. Actually, I ended up voting for her too, because she has more experience as an officer and it would feel weird voting for myself. XD And I resigned as Secretary for Asian Culture Club. I keep saying I'll elaborate on that, and I will, later. I just don't feel like talking about it now.

Hmmm...I hope the first episode of Emma will be put on Youtube or something. D:

EDIT: That's it, I'm taking aang_toph off my flist. >/ I still like the pairing, but I can't stand the fandom.