April 15th, 2007

Mostly Harmless

Re: Darker than BLACK Episode 2

Hahaha wow, Hei is so bipolar it's CREEPY. XD One moment he's laughing and sweet-talking with his cute Dr. Tenma voice, and the next moment he's zapping people and being badass. Now that is a good spy. I laughed when Haraguchi was all like "Can I trust you?" because jeez, she'd just met the guy and knew nothing about him! But I think anyone would have fallen for him in the same situation. XD

Hei gorging on food was great. Is that the payment for his powers? He used his powers a lot in the fight, and at the end he's chopping up a ton of cabbage... Also, he pulled his jacket out of his pocket! And it's bullet proof? But only when he's wearing it? And how convenient is it that his room number is 201? XD *so amused*

More seriously, I thought his interactions with Haraguchi/Chiaki were interesting. Sure, he said "Contractors are only killing machines who wear human skin" and "They are liars and traitors." But in the end he still dove in front of her to protect her. He didn't kill her when he easily could have. He said "she was living." If nothing else, he at least felt some sympathy for her...

So far, I'm quite liking this anime. It has some interesting concepts, such as the fake sky, the Contractors' connection with the stars, how a star falls when they die, the payments for their powers... Hmm, since they're called "contractors," just who (or what) do they have a contract with I wonder? o.o Ooh, and it seems the next episode has more scenes with Mao, yay! TALKING CAT = ♥