April 12th, 2007


Anime Club and another poll

Whee, I nominated myself for Vice President of Anime Club. XD; Alex says she might run for VP too, so I'm thinking of also nominating myself for Secretary. That way whoever wins can still get an officer position. XD Though I can see myself being more useful as VP because I'm doing a rather shitty job as Secretary for Asian Culture Club......I'll elaborate on that next week. >_>;;

Anyway, MMV poll! Again, I won't be making any of these at least until the semester is over, but this way I can think about it for a while.

Which MMV should I make first?

Winry tribute video
Scar VS Kimbley video
Edward tribute video

For the Ed tribute, I'd probably end up using some of the same scenes I used in my With You video, so it wouldn't exactly be original, but I found a song that really fits, and my focus would be on his determination and growth through the series.

For the Scar VS Kimbley video, I was planning on making tributes for both characters, then decided it'd be easier to just put them in the same video. The problem with this is that I've got everything planned out except for the last 40 seconds of the song. I have the same problem with the Winry video. I could scrap together an ending if I really need to, but ideally it would be best to wait a few months and hope those characters will have more scenes in the coming chapters. But I can only make videos during summer break, so... :/