April 4th, 2007



Well. I've got 2/5 classes so far. They're both literature classes.

....They better add some more History 112 soon. This is friggin ridiculous. Just how many semesters am I going to wait?!

.....I really want Prose Writing. Dammit.

......I'm seriously considering taking another Second Year Writing Seminar. As an elective. Because it'll fit into my schedule and it's about pirates. >.>;

EDIT: Okay, I got into an Anthropology class that I really don't need to take, but I'm desperate and I'll get to see Dr. Gustafsson again! 3/5 classes.
Ashita he

Good News and Bad News

Good News: HAHAH! I finally got into the History class! Now if only someone drops Prose Writing, I will be happy! But until that happens, I also registered for the pirates class, so at the moment I do at least have 5 classes for next semester. YAY!

Also, I was able to meet up with my group members after all, and we put on our skit. It was one minute long. But it got the job done. :)

Bad News: WTF MY IPOD FROZE!! It won't respond to anything that I do! DDD: Should I wait until it runs out of power (because I can't even turn it off)? What'll happen then??? Dammit, I was just about to listen to the Princess Tutu FST! DX