March 16th, 2007


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Is there such a thing as having Translator's Block? Because I think that's what I might be experiencing right now. I can't seem to finish translating the second to last page of Chap. 69. It's not like it's difficult. Not at all. It's just that the words aren't coming to me and I don't feel like doing it. .__.

Maybe I'm just tired. This week I realized that I have a club meeting every evening except for Friday and the weekend. And I'm still so intimidated about my officer position that I get nervous every time I think of the club (I'll elaborate later).

....Really, all I want right now is for my Princess Tutu DVDs to get here so I can relax and watch them the whole weekend. >>; It's more likely that they won't be here until next week, though. *SIGH*
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