February 24th, 2007


Re: Juushin Enbu Chapter 3

Well, the story was very predictable and cliche. The previous chapter with the canal had more originality. But Housei is a fun character. His crush on Laila is amusing. XD

Housei's pet monkey, Shoukou, is cute but not as cute as Xiao Mei. His master is a scary woman who, judging from her hair color, looks like she'd fit in Amestris more than Izumi! THEY SHOULD TRADE PLACES.

Taitou really acts like the older brother in this chap. Aw.

But what I'm boggling over the most is that now FIVE out of the seven stars have been revealed. FIVE. And it's only the THIRD chapter!! Just where is this story going?? o_o Are the remaining two going to show up before they even make it to Rakushou?!