February 21st, 2007


Oh yeah, forgot to post about this

WAAAAAHHHH! I have an officer position! I'm now the Secretary for the East Asian Culture Club!! O__O The responsibility! It intimidates me! AHHHH! It might look good on my resume though.

Other clubs I'm involved in right now:

Anime Club
Anthropology Club
Classics Club (I don't know if this counts? I'm only attending the showings of Rome to get extra credit in Mythology, but I'm going every week...)

...I'm thinking of nominating myself for an officer position at Anime Club once something opens up. >_> I mean, why not? I attend the friggin officer meetings now.

Also, WTF midterms are next week?! Time really flies! It still feels like the start of the semester!
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It just occured to me- Do I actually have any midterms next week?

Food & Culture: No exam. But I have to turn in my Food Pyramid assignment by this Friday.
Mythology: No exam, but I have to present one of Heracles's twelve labors with a group in front of the class.
Second Year Writing Seminar: No exam, but the annotated bibliography for our research projects and journals are due.
Biology Lab: No exam. I'm pretty sure we're having a big lab assignment though...
Religions of the East: Okay, this is the only class where I'm absolutely sure we're having an exam.

This has actually been my least stressful semester so far, which is why I'm able to be in so many clubs, I guess. Of course, I was never able to get that sixth class...*sigh* I'm not sure what to do about that; can I get a refund? This probably means I won't have Junior standing next year too....but at least I'm pretty confident that I can get good grades this semester, so I can bring up my GPA...

But in other news, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya has FINALLY won the vote at Anime Club! The first time it was on the ballet, it lost to Samurai Champloo. The second time it was on the ballet, it lost to Fushigi Yuugi, and everyone regretted it. The third time, it lost to Weiss Kruez, which was just PITIFUL. The fourth time it lost to GTO, which wasn't bad at all. The fifth time it lost to Fantastic Children, but Alex and I deliberately voted against it that time because we wanted it to be shown at the Regular Meetings instead.

And the thing is, every single time, it was like only one vote away from winning. WOW. ...Actually, did it lose to Tsukikage Ran too? Was it on the ballet back then? I can't remember.

Anyway, the wait for the new Juushin Enbu chapter begins NOW! Or in an hour, whatever.