February 13th, 2007


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If you haven't already noticed, I'm currently on a Fantastic Children high. I may very well remain that way until the new Juushin Enbu chapter comes out.

Anyway, by now I have quite a bit of power at Anime Club by the very fact that I've introduced tons of great anime to them in the past two years. I brought Nodame Cantabile to the marathon last weekend and they played it just because they trusted my judgement that it was good. (And of course, everyone did like it. Yay!)

However, I've found that some anime are more difficult to introduce to people than others. Fantastic Children is one of them. Some of the reasons are:
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But despite all that, I think people were pretty into it by the end of the meeting last night. (Well, I saw Dan and Kevin talking together, so they were either discussing it or got bored.) But Alex, Dirk, and Cory didn't even give it a try. :/

HEY FLIST. Why aren't you watching this yet?!