January 16th, 2007

MY turn!

Alchemy is powered by my fluctuations in mood.......or not

Argh, wtf? Yesterday I was cheerful and productive, today I'm melancholy and exhausted.

Maybe it's the weather. Or maybe it's the fact that I probably have less than $200 left in my bank account because I blew all my money on textbooks and I can't sell my old English and Biology books because they're now outdated editions and I still have to buy a book for Biology lab later!!!!!!!!!

As soon as this semester is over, I'm going to get a job.

Also, no one's dropped from History yet. Well actually, one person has, but it's for a class that conflicts with my schedule. I'm looking for other classes in case I can't do History this semester, but everything is on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays. I can't handle five classes on Monday. Agh.

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The new source code message from asosbrigade.com:

Ack, the sun is rising
Magnesium hydroxide is not a food group
You there! Surrender your equipment to me! We've got videos to make!
What the... who are you?! How did you get in here?
All your computer are belong to us
Huh? Hey, put that down! I'm watching something!
You will make us another video, yes? Or else...
Or else what?


Me: fjsjfnsdfjnsaf omg Arakawa is insanely detailed
Kirsten: :O
Me: since like Chapter 62 I was wondering where the crack in the top of the door of Ed & Al's hotel room came from, and right now I'm rereading Volume 9 and realized that Al made the crack when he and Ed jumped out the door yelling "WINRY?!" in Chapter 36.

Also, now that I have the 2006 and 2007 manga calendars hung up side-by-side at my desk, I understand why the 2007 cover has only female characters in the background. The 2006 calendar's cover has only male characters (Hohenheim, Roy, Al, Ling, Bradley, Scar) in silver, while the 2007 cover has Winry, Izumi, Ran Fan, Riza, Mei and Xiao Mei in gold. How fitting. :D
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