January 9th, 2007


That Time of the Month

So, CHAPTER 67. ANY DAY NOW. I hope we get some more plot development! Characters I'd like to see appear: Winry, Mei, Scar, and Kimbley. *crosses fingers!*

Also, today is my little half-sister's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL EVEN THOUGH YOU WON'T SEE THIS AND CAN'T EVEN READ YET! She's going to be...seven, I think? O_O Or maybe six... But either way she's growing up FAST! x__x Though I do find it easier to play with her now that she can actually talk.

Um...I'm kinda stuck on Chapter 5 of the Miracle Potion. Well, I guess "stuck" isn't the right word. I know what I'm going to write, but...I feel kinda nervous because this chapter reveals some important information and Nelly totally surprised me by suddenly turning the dinner conversation serious (it was supposed to be a light-hearted scene!) so now I'm not sure if I should proceed with the next scene as planned, or make some alterations.....but yeah. I need to get this finished by tomorrow. >_>