December 28th, 2006


(no subject)

Okay, I will admit that if there is one thing that annoys me about Juushin Enbu so far, at least from a translator's perspective, is how it keeps dropping names and terms without any explanations for them. I can't even tell if these things really exist or if they're made up.

Like "kenteikoku." WTF does the "ken" mean? After looking up the kanji in dictionaries and having my mom take a look, the only conclusion is that it's a name. A name for what? "Ken empire." The name of the empire? But I thought this was China? Is it the name of a dynasty?

And then there's "Genroutou," "Seiryuu-tou," and "Rikka-shuu." Just what are these? Religious groups? Political parties? Martial art schools? Not to mention that I still don't know what "touyuuji" from the first chapter is...

I also translated "Hokushin Tenkun" as "gods of the North Star" in the first chapter, but since now "Hokushin Tenkun" is being referred to a group of people......I dunno. I can't find a definition for "tenkun" anywhere. :/

I seriously hope they come out with a Perfect Guide for this someday...