December 1st, 2006


Stressful times

So! Today, I had to present my Fear and Magic project (we ran out of time last class so I was bumped). Everyone was impressed, and this one girl was able to bend a fork a little. :D And then TEN MINUTES AFTER I rushed to my Public Speaking class, and then waited over two hours until it was my turn. The speech went rather well. Actually, I think it was my best one yet, in terms of delivery. Thanks again for everyone's opinions in the other post, you were really helpful. :)

And tomorrow...I will be working every minute of every hour until the evening. @__@ So many things to turn in, SO LITTLE TIME! And then Avatar Season Finale!!!! Moriah's TV isn't working apparently, so I'll have to look for another one...either that, or wait a few days until I could download it at the computer lab. T__T


EDIT: Oh snap, all I've eaten today is a small pizza and some popcorn. Will I even have time to eat tommorrow...?
Teh Evil

Re: Blood+ Episode 26

Dude, Riku becoming a Chevalier? BEST PLOT TWIST EVER.

I want to see more Riku and Haji brotherly interaction now. :D

Poor Kai being left out, lol.

And randomly, Riku reminds me too much of Al. And Solomon reminds me of Johan from Monster. This amuses me.