November 4th, 2006


Yes!! Yes!!!

A week and a half later, I've finally figured out what this damn thing is saying!!! Mom said it would be too difficult for me, but HAH! I did it! Now my question is, does this make sense to anyone else?

"There exist seven stars in heaven.
They are the seven stars of the North Star.
The seven stars, in other words, are the hero gods of the North Star.
Karma of creation,
rotation of the beast gods,
martial art of the warrior.
Like yin and yang, heaven and earth,
the North Star has Tonrou and Hagun as its opposite extremes.
The two stars thus will be wild stars who chant domination of the wasted earth."

EDIT: Juushin Enbu Chapter 1 Translation FINISHED! Now I can get back to NaNoWriMo... x.x