November 2nd, 2006

Ashita he

Class Registration Stress (contd.)

So, I managed to register for FOUR classes:

-Biology Lab
-History 112
-Second-Year Writing Seminar
-Food and Culture
-The Mythic Imagination
-Religions of the East

I got lucky for Biology- there was only ONE slot left in the class I wanted and I got it!! As for Second-Year Writing Seminar, which I am the most desperate to get, the good thing is that it seems they added a lot more classes! Yay! The bad thing is that it won't allow me to register for any of them. Apparently I don't meet the prerequisite. Well duh, I'm still working on passing First-Year Writing Seminar, but isn't that also the case with Freshmen at this point? I can't quite remember how registering for spring classes went in my Freshman year, but I think you were allowed to register for Second-Year Writing Seminar. Which just confuses me. Dx Anyway, I emailed my Advisor asking about it and explaining why I NEED to have that class, and hopefully she can get back to me before the classes close? (Besides, I have total confidence that I'll be able to pass First-Year Writing Seminar this time, even with my trouble writing papers.)

Oh, and all of the History 112 classes were closed before I could even register. I have no choice but to ask for an override on that one.

EDIT: Thank you Dr. Wright for a quick response!! But she's not sure what's wrong either so now I have to wait for a lady from Academic Advising to answer. D:

EDIT 2: Can anyone give me advice on how to ask a professor you've never met for an override? Can I ask him over email or is it better to go to his office?

EDIT 3: I got the class. :) I went to Academic Advising and they gave me an override, because apparently the class requires Sophomore standing even though Freshmen can get into it, WTF. But whatever. I can start on my major next year and that's what really matters. :) Now I just have to focus on getting into History...
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