September 29th, 2006


Random thought

In Anime Club this week, we started watching Samurai Champloo. Now, we'd only just finished watching Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran last week, and the two series happen to be rather similar. Both seem to take place in the Edo or Tokugawa period and have samurai traveling around and looking for ways to make money to feed themselves/drink sake, which leads to comedic situations along with sword battles to save the day.

Already, there are episodes with the same exact story. There's the episode with a giant foreigner who is fascinated with Japanese culture following the main characters around for whatever reason, and the Ukiyo-e artist who asks one of the main characters to be a model for his painting.

This makes me wonder what it would be like if Mushishi followed the same pattern. Now technically, Mushishi takes place in a fictional era, but the setting still looks pretty much the same. So I find myself thinking what would happen if say a ten-foot European mistakes Ginko for a ninja (because he has a Mushi pin!) and follows him around everywhere asking to be taught secret ninja techniques. Or an Ukiyo-e artist stopping Ginko in the streets and saying "Your incredible beauty has inspired me! Please give me the honor of painting your picture!"

I can only imagine Ginko going "Uh......what?" (see icon) and trying to run away. It amuses me.

EDIT: Also, I totally recognized that Mugen's voice is the same as Zoro in One Piece!

EDIT 2: ROFLOL I'm watching the South Park movie dubbed in Japanese on Youtube. XDD They're all speaking in Kansai-ben and there are subtitles. XDDD

EDIT 3: Oh man this dub is AMAZING. XD

EDIT 4: *dying of laughter*