September 10th, 2006

I think therefore I am female


I came up with a short story while in the shower a while ago. Basically, while I've come up with a reason for why Abi (a character who comes in waaaay later on) first became a Potion Maker, I still hadn't for Nelly (my main character wtf). I also made a new character for Nelly's backstory, and started thinking of what to name him. "Albert" popped into my mind immediately, and then after a moment, "Pepperworth."

While thinking what a silly name "Pepperworth" was, I googled it. Turns out the surname actually exists.

So. Albert Pepperworth. "Mr. Pepperworth." Man, the name is wasted on such a serious character. XD And now I'll have to think of a different name for Nelly's cat.

(Also- CHAPTER 63 WHERE ARE YOU?????????????)

EDIT: Three paragraphs in, and I'm researching old European currency. Now I can fully sympathize with Arakawa basing her cenz after the Japanese yen, because this is HARD. Gah, why didn't I think of what to name the currency earlier?!

EDIT 2: ...I'm amused how this has all led to me eventually researching Druidism and Celtic polytheism. XD