September 7th, 2006


Real Life post

I'm not goofing off all the time, honest.

Yesterday was Fear and Magic class, in which we learned "why magic got a bad name." (Answer: Because of 1. Positivism, 2. Binary opposition, and 3. Colonialism. Damn you, Columbus. Damn you, Enlightenment.) Really interesting stuff, and I realized that I could use some of this info in a later sequel of my Nelly story. My research is done for me. :D

After that was the first Anthro Night, in which Professor Griffin's parents, both well known anthropologists, came to talk to us about their careers. Also very interesting, and they're such a lovely couple~

Tonight at Anime Club, we voted on what anime to watch. I voted for Great Teacher Onizuka, but Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran won instead. I'm a bit disappointed, because GTO is much funnier by far (Tsukikage Ran isn't bad, but it has some boring the entire episode about sake). But well, that series is only 13 episodes so we'll be voting for another anime in a week or so anyway.

And the public speaking thing- I asked Moriah if I could borrow a skirt of hers, and I have a matching top, so that part's solved. :D As for my shoes...I'm going to ask the professor if my sandals are okay. They should be- I wore them at work! They're my office-appropriate sandals! And if they're not okay.....well, that's too bad. I have nothing else to wear.