August 28th, 2006


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What's more embarrassing than watching One Piece in the computer lab?

Watching Pokemon. XD;;;

EDIT: Wtf Fushigidane standing on its hind legs?? O.o And omg this is SO NOSTALGIC!

EDIT 2: Oh for crying out loud Team Rocket, GIVE UP! I hope the new series has more competent antagonists, as amusing as these guys can be. >.>;; ...Actually, I'd prefer a more competent protagonist who won't fall for the same trick 500 billion times.

EDIT 3: How exactly would a hot air balloon made of steel WORK anyway?! XDDD

EDIT 4: Common sense, Satoshi! Do you have it?! Though wow, if he wins this battle, he can actually become a Frontier Brain? That's a pretty notable accomplishment.

EDIT 5: Kyaaaaa I got a Vulpix! :D

Adopt Your Own Pokeball @ Doll Clique