August 22nd, 2006



Does this look suspicious to anyone else? I'm not sure whether I should click the link or not; I don't want the laptop ruined again by a virus or something....

Also, I feel very embarrassed watching One Piece in the computer lab. ^^; I think it's the art style, because I didn't feel that way watching Mushishi there last spring.

Half an hour until my Fear and Magic class YAY!

Fear and Magic class

OMG. This is, without a doubt, the coolest class I've ever been in. So cool that the professor (my anthropology professor from last semester; I'll call her Prof. G from now on) asked us to write the scariest movie we've ever seen on a notecard, gathered them up, and announced that we'd be watching the one that came up the most. And then we're going to write a movie review on it.

Also, we have to do a Fear Survey, which means I get to interview people on what scares them. >D And our research project is that we have to "prove (or disprove) that magic is real or that the supernatural exists." Apparently, past students have staked out haunted houses/graveyards and got A's. AWESOME. I kept getting X-Files vibes.

And we just happen to have a class on Halloween. XDDD Extra credit for dressing up!

Best class of the semester, definitely.