August 21st, 2006


Schedule griping

Agughsdfjsk. I have sooo much free time. x__x I've been awake for hours and yet there's still an hour and a half left until my first class. I tried to register for another class- an English prerequisite that I really need, and it was the only one that fit into my schedule and was open- but then this morning I got a call for Moriah that her 2:00 English class was cancelled. I checked online and the class I wanted at the same time wasn't listed there anymore. IT GOT CANCELLED.

So I'm still stuck with four classes. This means I'll either have to get a job, or maybe try to register for a History class early in the morning (because I failed that one, remember?). But the thing is, with two Anthropology classes and Psychology, I already have a ton of Humanities this semester. I should be thrilled, but for the first time in my life, my schedule is unbalanced. It feels so weird. I wish I could take the Biology lab, but of course they were all full from the beginning.

ALSO, I ate at the cafeteria in the new Student Center a while ago. The place is HUGE. Why are all the food stations so spread out?! Why couldn't they all be at one place so they won't be hard to find? I was so confused. X_X Two Freshmen sat with me and we talked together, and honestly I still felt like a Freshman myself because the place was so new to me. to waste more time until 3:00. :/ Guess I'll read my textbooks or something.