August 10th, 2006

Bored now

Why is waiting all that I can do?

*shot for subject title*

So...Chapter 62 still isn't out yet. I'm out of work to do. My supervisor is away until Monday. Everyone else in IT doesn't have anything for me to do. I've translated 24 out of 38 pages of this Mushishi chapter..... It's a very slow day. :/

I have to say though, this Odoro no Michi story is very big in scope. Surprisingly so. It's not only one or two people who are having problems with Mushi; the entire balance of nature is at risk. It makes me wonder if there really is going to be a plot sometime later on. I mean, this story actually requires you to be familiar with Tanyuu to fully understand it. It's not a stand-alone story like the others...

And dammit, Kumado and Tanyuu are too interesting to not do anything else with them. D: Together with Ginko, they make a great cast of characters. The scene with all three of them together is too awesome for words. ...There seriously needs to be a second season of the anime someday. D:


EDIT 2: At this point I'd be happy if the chapter comes out while I'm at work just so I could amuse myself with seeing people spazz out. D: