August 7th, 2006


Regarding the Biweekly Anime Theater

I've been too busy and distracted the past month or so to continue uploading episodes. I haven't been writing either, dammit. And I only have two weeks left before I move back to college, so here's my question:

Who wants me to continue uploading Mushishi? As for Avatar, I've only got four more episodes left of Season 1, so I'll finish posting that, and maybe Season 2 next summer.

And anyone on my flist who doesn't want to be spoiled for what happened to Ling in Chapter 54 of the FMA manga, please catch up quickly because I'm not going to keep spoiler-cutting it forever. :/ I'll even upload the chapters that you need; I'm just getting tired of warning people every time I even mention him on my journal.

...You know, it's strange that with all the times I talk about the manga here, I've never actually uploaded it for my flist. O_o


Hey Kirsten....after we finish BokuxNeko....what would you think about scanlating a few chapters of Mushishi? XD;;

Also, would it be possible to do the Elric Family omake this week before the new chapter comes out? I can have the translation polished up by this evening...
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B-Weekly Anime Theater!

Book 1 Chapter 17: The Northern Air Temple After hearing rumors about surviving Airbenders, the kids journey to the Northern Air temple to see for themselves. (This episode is surprisingly violent for a cartoon. Also, first appearance of the FIRE NATION TANKS!)

Book 1 Chapter 18: The Waterbending Master The kids reach the Northern Water tribe, and Aang and Katara look for a Waterbending Master. Meanwhile, Zhao plans an attack. (This episode builds up for the big season finale. There's some kickass waterbending, Sokka has a romantic subplot, and Zuko's life goes through some very drastic changes again.)

Comment if you download plz~!
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