August 3rd, 2006

Jesus VS Darwin

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You know, I'm getting really tired of hearing about Mel Gibbson's little drunk driving incident everyday. Everywhere. On TV, on the radio, on the internet... I'm sure a lot of people want to point and laugh at him, but is he REALLY as important as the war in Lebanon?! It's just gossip! I don't care about all the details of his trial! -_-

And jeez, if I'm hearing so much about it on the other side of the country, it must be horrible for him in Hollywood.


I got Volume 14!!!!!!! :DD

Now we finally know what the title is for Chapter 55! It's "Futari no Gouyoku" = Their Greed.

And it came with another advertisment for Souten no Koumori! Tell it weird/shallow of me to be so excited about this even though I only know the title, what the main character may look like, and a catchphrase? Because from just that it looks really cool. ...I don't even know the character's name, what the concept or story is, etc. ^^; It's just that Arakawa's other works (Shanghai Youma Kikai, Raiden-18) are mostly humorous, and this just seems different. So yeah... *EXCITED*