May 22nd, 2006



.....holy shit......

I think ...I'll need to think of this morew after I get some sleep....

EDIT: well um. sorry Hikago, but I'm bumping it up to #2 now.
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This is what happens when my sleeping patterns are screwed up

Me: wtf mom, I am not going to live in a monastary
Kirsten: o.O
Me: I woke up at 3:30 today, so she's like "You need to live in a place where they make you wake up early every day!! >O"
Kirsten: XDD


-Finish application to Borders ASAP
-Pre-register for Otakon ASAP
-Pre-order FMA Vol. 14 ASAP

Guh. x__x Thoughts on the Monster ending to come later.
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(no subject)

How disoriented am I? I went out to check the mail, and ended up locking myself out of the house for half an hour until mom came home. XOO WHAT A WASTE OF TIME GAWD.
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Ashita he

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This told me she was going somewhere with a friend, so I called dad to ask if I could stay at his place. He told me they were going to LA for a vacation.

...I want to go to LA too.

So it looks like I'll be all alone this weekend.

Oh right, Anime Boston is this weekend too. Dammit, I decided not to go because I thought mom would be feeling depressed that she couldn't attend her graduation ceremony. least this means I'll have time to write and find a job.

Bi-Weekly Anime Theater!

Here's more Mushishi!

Episode 3: Tender Horns Ginko travels to a snowy mountain village, where he's asked to help a boy with horns.

Episode 4: Pillow Lane Jin is a man who's been having prophetic dreams caused by Mushi. Ginko gives him some medicine, then returns a year later, only to find... (This is one of my favorite episodes, but I wouldn't suggest watching it if you're feeling depressed.)

Comment if you download plz~! I'll probably be posting the Avatar episodes earlier this week, because now there's a good possibility of me going to Anime Boston. :DD
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