May 7th, 2006



I would just like to express my love for home-cooked meals. I am very tired of 'American' food now, thanks to college. Especially pizza; I don't want to see any for another month at least. I'm not drinking soda anymore either.

This morning my breakfast was leftover oyako donburi from yesterday, and just a few minutes ago I ate rice, fried snow peas, and pickles for lunch. So simple, yet so good, and so healthy.

It's good to be home.
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Still watching stuff XD;

It's been a while, but mom and I have finally gotten back to watching Yakitate Japan. And...I'm feeling a little disappointed with this story arc. :( It just isn't as funny. I still have very fond memories of the Monaco arc, and this arc doesn't live up to it. The Monaco arc was just classic...

I don't like how they've made Kawachi into the useless idiot too. :( I mean, he may not be as good as Azuma and Kanmuri, but he's still a talented baker on his own. He had great character development before with the Solar Gauntlets and afro and his Victory bread in the Monaco arc, but now it seems like they've just forgotten all of that to make fun of him constantly. And (mom and I have talked about this several times before) it's kinda sad that even though he's worked so hard, so hard, he can never be any better than Azuma, the prodigy with a natural gift. So where does hard work get you? In Kawachi's case, it makes you comic relief. D:

Though, Yakitate Japan is still the only show that makes us giggle so much just over the opening animation and how absurd it is. XD And the episodes we watched today made me feel REALLY hungry, even though I'd just finished eating dinner and dessert.