May 6th, 2006

Ashita he

Re: The Blind Bandit

I missed the new Avatar episode yesterday because we were too busy driving back home with a car filled with STUFF, but now that I've downloaded it and watched it HERE'S MY REACTION.

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EDIT: OMG I saw the preview for the next episode. *__* Collapse )

Anime and stuff

So I showed mom the first three episodes of Mushishi. She seems to like it? At least, she doesn't seem to dislike it, and she's impressed by the animation. Her own words: "This isn't just animation, it's art." :D

And ahahah, the episode just aired yesterday but there's already an Aang/Toph community. XD; (And I joined.) But seeing as this is my first pairing for the series, I'd like to make a statement about it: I DO NOT SHIP IT BECAUSE OF ZUTARA. >/ A lot of people are going "Oh, this is a perfect ship to go with Zutara!" but I don't like it for that reason. Yeah, I think Zutara can be interesting, but too many people take it far too seriously. I am AANG/TOPH ONLY. And I am happy that way. (It gives me the same fluffy feeling as Al/Mei whee~)

By the way, if anyone on my flist still hasn't gotten into Avatar: The Last Airbender, you should. Seriously, it's better than a lot of anime I've seen in terms of story, character, animation, action scenes- everything. If I were to put it on my list of favorite anime, it'd be pretty high up there. Check it out on YouTube or something. (Or watch this AMV at the very least.)

In other news, whenever I'm walking now I feel like I want to Earthbend. Dammit, Toph...! D: