March 14th, 2006

Bored now

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That music post of mine was a great idea. I've been running around all day and am exhausted, and now I'm really nervous about going to History class tonight.....but the moment I listen to "Be Alright", my day is a little better.

Seriously, this semester is so WTF. I get a good grade in Math but am getting nothing but bad grades for History.....maybe I should just stick to an English-with-a-concentration-in-Creative-Writing major after all. -__-; And maybe an Anthropology minor. If there is one.

WTF, self. I thought I had this all figured out before going to college.
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Ashita he

Stress relief plz

Neeeeeed music.....*downloads*

EDIT: Biology midterm tomorrow. Must soon as I stop feeling emo.

History test next week, too....MUST. GET. GOOD. GRADE!!!

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Me: we just had a power outage O.o;;
Kirsten: o.o
Me: ahaha only the computer lab has power now apparently
Kirsten: XDDD

Looks like I'm staying here for a while. :/
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