March 12th, 2006



So I was looking at the KKM DVDs on and saw this review...

Alright...the first 2 episodes would throw any Yaoi Fan off - with that damn disguiting Queen shoving her sons in her giantic boobs (WTF?! The anime is supposed to be for a female audience!! Who the hell wants to see that??) but if you just ignore the first 2 and go to the last 3, it's a great anime. I love Wolfram's attitude toward Yuri dancing with a 7 year old girl and he is jealous. It's so sweet. There's lots of Bishonen and lovely slashy bits, but it is disappointing that it isn't Shonen Ai right now and still they shove in chicks to ruin good Yaoiful moments.

Dude, the women in this show are AWESOME. And I'm annoyed that this person seems to only be watching it for the slash. That's just really shallow, especially considering there's a lot more to enjoy besides that. See, this is the kind of attitude that turned me off from the show initially. If it weren't for Kirsten I would have never gotten into it and now I am so glad that I did.

And I for one love Yuuri/Wolfram not because they are both guys, but because their interactions are one of the cutest things I've ever seen.
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