March 7th, 2006



Kirsten has been showing me Kyou Kara Maou. It is awesome. ♥ Yuuri and Wolfram are teh cute~ (Gasp non-het OTP)

I like the houses over here. The houses at home are so boring and repetitive in comparison. T__T It's like they clone the same design over and over right next to each other stretching on and on and they cut down all the trees just for that....the houses over here have individuality and they look nice and OMG ENVY. They have the cutest little stores too. It's only chain stores at home. D:

So I can understand why Kirsten is happy living here.

Oh, and I played my first game of Go with a living human. :D We both didn't know what we were doing and it was awesome.
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OMG I'm back.

OMG X-Men 3 trailer. O_O But still no Gambit? D:

OMG need more Kyou Kara Maou. I should probably go look around at communities but I'm scared of venturing into the fandom. ...OMG Kirsten what have you done. T__T

EDIT: OMG I should stop neglecting the RPG now. :D;

EDIT 2: WTF some people on the ZOMGFTA forums are saying they want to animate the manga. O____o Wtfff.

EDIT 3: WTF how is this fanfiction?? *HEADDESK*
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Annisina's VA is Takayama Minami?? AND I DIDN'T NOTICE?!

EDIT: *downloads episode 34* But...but...she doesn't sound anything like Takayama!! I didn't know she could even get her voice that low!!! No wait...she does when Conan gets omg so serious, but THAT SO DOESN'T SOUND LIKE TAKAYAMA!
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