February 15th, 2006


So how has my day been so far...

I forgot to turn my alarm clock on. D: And ironically, because I'd stayed up till 3 AM reading The Aeneid for World Literature, I ended up missing the actual class. So this is like...my second missed class in the whole semester.

The weather today has been pretty warm. I think it's becoming slightly Nelly season (wtf, so she's an adjective now?). Which means I should write more of my short story before I lose the inspiration. D:

I also bought a ring at this stand that was set up in the Student Center. $10. I could have probably spent that money on other things, but...I couldn't help myself. I'm usually not into jewelry, so when I find something I actually like, I get it.

And randomly, I remembered that I have Morikubo Shoutarou's address in the Charada magazine I bought in Japan. So like...if there's ever news of a new FMA anime... >.> Yeah. Anime Club tonight!! More Outlaw Star and I'm gonna be lending my Getbackers DVDs to this one guy. ^_^
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