February 13th, 2006

Fatal Flaw


Ahh, the things I learn in World Literature...

In other news, I love how I'm getting part of my flist back into Pokemon. XD Now...I have about an hour before my next class, and no homework....if I go back to my room maybe I can catch a Phanphy!! 8D

EDIT: I have gameboy music stuck in my head. Hee.
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Ashita he

Valentine's Day

Mom sent me some chocolate and cookies. <333 More unhealthy eating in my dorm room!!! :D

...Dammit, I don't have time to go buy a card today or tomorrow...or Wednesday, either. D: Looks like I'll just have to give Dad-tachi a phone call...I missed Rachel and Loanny's birthdays too...haven't talked to them in over a month. I suck being a daughter/step-daughter/half-sister. .__.
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