February 9th, 2006


Help? D:

So suddenly it seems I have things to do tonight. And they're both starting at 7:00!! But- but- Chapter 56 isn't out yet!!! I don't know what to do! Either I go to the Hall Sex Talk (not sure if it's mandatory), which I actually don't want to go to except that there's PIZZA!! FREE PIZZA! And then there's the Anthropology movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy" that I watched the beginning of in Sociology last year (and enjoyed) and would like to finish, and it's for extra credit!! BUT CHAPTER 56 ISN'T OUT YET!!

What should I dooooo? ;__;

What should I do tonight at 7?

Go to the Sex Talk with free pizza
Go watch "The Gods Must Be Crazy" for extra credit
Sit in the lab waiting for Chapter 56

Meanwhile, I will go take a shower and eat lunch. If you have my cell number and see Chap. 56, please call?? D:

EDIT: Movie it is, then! XD Thanks everyone~~
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