February 1st, 2006


Confession time!

I like GoldxCrystal. >.>; This might be my OTP because I'm indifferent about RedxYellow and I don't ship Ruby, even if RubyxSapphire is practically canon. Okay, I lie. I like Ruby and Kagari. But that's only because she STALKS him. And RubyxMitsuru just amuses me. Also, BluexSilver seems so wrong but so right. It confuses me. I guess for now I'll say they're cute enough being platonic.

...I don't know if we're having an Anime Club meeting tonight, and if we are, I don't know what we're watching. Either way, I will come with Kino. Yes.

EDIT: Mitsuru > Emerald. I don't like Emerald. :/


Omg we saw The Cat Returns at Anime Club!! I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT MOVIE! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!! This is the first time I've come out of club with the biggest grin on my face. I was giggling with glee the whole time. :DDDDD

Though, the subtitles were horrible. O.o Wtf. Not only were they innaccurate, they were making stuff up! WTF, MAN. I want to get the DVD so much but not if it has such sucky subtitles. Hopefully that was a dubtitle track or something...

BARON~~ MUTA~~ Eeeeeeeeee~!

EDIT: GASP. The dub has Tim Curry in it. I need to watch that. 8D

EDIT 2: After some research, I've confirmed it. Those were dubtitles. And the DVD only has dubtitles!! ARGH, WTF. >.<;; And the dub has Cary Elwes as Baron (which is PERFECT, I tell you!), but I want to show people the Japanese version too.....and with proper subtitles. DD: Stupid Disney!!!

Current rankings!

Randomly, I decided to rank my favorite anime/manga in the order that I am currently loving the most:

1. Fullmetal Alchemist (Like duh.)
2. Pokemon Special (XD; Seriously, I count it that high right now.)
3. Detective Conan (This will never come off the list.)
4. Chrono Crusade (It's so much better than the anime. D:)
5. Fullmoon wo Sagashite (GASP! Shoujo!)

1. Kino no Tabi (Will also never come off the list.)
2. Hikaru no Go (I wants the DVD~~ ;__;)
3. Yakitate Japan (XDD It helps that my mom loves it too.)
4. Monster (One of the best anime I've ever seen. Seriously.)
5. Victorian Romance Emma (I wanted to put this for the Manga category too, but there was no room.)

The Fullmetal Alchemist anime is at #6 at the moment until I am able to rewatch the whole thing. >.>;

EDIT: AHHHH I forgot Death Note!! D: I guess...it'll go in the #6 spot too. Just because of the fact that I actually forgot about it. And because it doesn't have an anime.
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