January 15th, 2006

Ashita he

I'm not up late, it's still early evening in Japan!

Hahaha, I can't even count how many hours I've gone without sleep today...yesterday...whatever.

ANYWAY, new nowhere-near-finished mood theme featuring my latest object of obsession: Ruby-kun and ZUZU! You know, I mostly picked up Pokemon Special again because I was going crazy waiting for Chapter 55 and had nothing to do but watch Japanese TV in my grandmother's cabin which isn't all that interesting because it seems all they ever talk about is food ("Hey, let's travel across the world to catch an eel longer than my entire body, bring it out raw, cut it up, and EAT IT!! *slurp*.....OISHII!!!").

Er...what was I saying again. Oh yeah. Using it as a distraction may have worked too well, because I'm having trouble concentrating on Chapter 55 this week. D: All together I've bought ELEVEN volumes of Pokemon Special during this trip....and I still want more. Mind, I'm only reading the Advance arc for Ruby...but he makes it soooo worth it.

And after a couple of weeks of being deeply immersed in memories of the Japanese Pokemon games, I finally dig out my English Gold&Silver Player's Guide. ...It's been a while since I've seen the English translations but......they renamed Masaki "Bill"?? And WTF...Bugsy?! Chuck?! Bruno?! How the hell are you supposed to take these characters seriously with those names...??? It just takes away the coolness of the Kanto VS Johto Gym Leader battles....

Er...I should go to bed now. Sooooo busy tomorrow it's not funny.
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MY turn!

For Kirsten when she gets her computer back:

Raiden-18 scans that need to be cleaned up~

And what's your address? (Or rather, where should we send this stuff?)

Note to self: Post about this...later.

(Meanwhile, my own laptop STILL isn't working. At all. I can't even do schoolwork or talk on AIM anymore, it's messed up so bad. NOT GOOD. I can't spend the whole semester going to the library. Mom says we have no choice but to get a new one, but WHEN???)


EDIT: Don't think I'll have time to check Chap. 55 translations today, either. Sorry. DX
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