December 29th, 2005



Internet/manga cafes in Japan SUCK when you just want to check email and skim your friends page for ten minutes (at least, this one does). Okay, quick summary of things-

Nana-chan died. *insert sad face here because the keyboard is giving me trouble* Nana is my grandmothers labrador retriever. She died like a day before we arrived.  *another sad face goes here wtf just happened to this script...*  Because of this, we are not going to be too fancy with New Years because usually you dont celebrate it when a family member dies.
 Television is extremely boring here right now because all thats ever on is stupid New Years specials that I dont know if anyone even watches because theyre so stupid. Other than that its programs about people eating food or news about this train derailment for days and days because apparently train derailments are very rare. The only anime Ive seen so far is this thing called Gokusen and some thing about the new Black Jack movie.  But!  I bought a magazine with a gorgeous Ed poster inside and an interview with Morikubo Shoutarou! <3

 Ummm other than that, Im eating lots of good food and bathing with onsen water every day.  >D  Just a while ago we went to visit my grandfathers grave (there are houses right next to the graveyard holy cow, everything in Japan is so small and cramped).  And yesterday mom and I got my uncle to buy a Yakitate Japan DVD because hes never watched it.  AND I FINALLY ATE MELON PAN!

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