December 19th, 2005


RL post omigosh

You can tell when I'm reasonably content and don't have much to do when all my posts are about fandom.

Anyway, mom has been sick all day. She didn't go to work and I've been taking care of her. This can be rather problematic because we're um LEAVING FOR JAPAN ON CHRISTMAS.

I still need to finish Christmas shopping. D: Curse her weak immune system! Also:

Mom: *feebly* I still need to get my international driver's license...
Me: O_O
Mom: Oh well, with this face maybe it'll be alright if I don't. As long as I'm not caught.
Me: Uhh...
Mom: And I can't tell Masashi.

My Uncle Masashi is a cop, btw. ...WTF MOM.
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