December 17th, 2005


Yay manga!

So I got Volume 12 today. :D (Thanks again Kirsten~) I loves it, it's all black and gold and green and shiny~ And it has Ed, which makes it a lephrechaun! It even has a new manga smell (and Mei on the spine~)!
And of course I read it over again. Some things I noticed:

Collapse )

Oh yeah, that illustration of Ran Fan at the end? LOVE IT. ♥ She looks so cool and pretty~~~ ;__;


I hate it when mom invites people over for dinner. She always inevitably goes crazy with the cooking, cleaning, everything. Today she only invited one person over and she's been screaming at me all day, even if I'm just checking the email for one minute.

...This icon is SO appropriate.
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Oh, god....must mom explain Yakitate Japan to everyone she meets??? I had to leave the table when she tried to describe the reactions...oh my god...
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