December 14th, 2005

Ashita he

Today, I will write.

Tonight, I will go to Writer's Group. And I will make sure that I have something to show for the past few months. Which means:

-I must edit that 3-page writing exercise
-I must get started on that short story idea I had

No Miracle Potion, unfortunately. Winter does not get me in a Nelly mood. Winter, along with its bare trees and gray skies when I look out the window, gets me into dark and mysterious mood, ideal for writing my short story. So I won't be doing any fandom-squealing today. Hopefully.

...And also, I'm considering getting a writing journal. Good idea? Bad idea?
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I had started editing and then in the middle realized that my mom doesn't have any printer paper.


I guess I'll be bringing my rough copy then. >_>;

And WTF Nelly, for months you've been gone and then as soon as I announce you're in hibernation, you start throwing ideas at me again in the shower?! WHY NOW? I have to concentrate on other stories now!! Maybe it was the fact that I started wondering what you did in the Winter and realized you'd be revolutionizing the way hot chocolate is made or something similar. Damn you....damn you! >O

EDIT: HOLY CRAP! "Fairy Tale" by Shaman is exactly what I needed to get back in the mood!!! O__O
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