December 9th, 2005

Ashita he

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Dear people on TV and radio:

Please stop pointing out the religious overtones of the Chronicles of Narnia. I am completely aware of them and don't care; those books are a fond childhood memory. My mother, on the other hand, is an atheist and is really looking forward to seeing the movie. SHUT. UP.

...And now that we've finished watching Avatar, WHERE IS CHAPTER 54? (Yes, I'm being impatient.) It better be out by the time we're done with watching Yakitate Japan. :/

And why is it that everytime I come home now I end up eating like a pig?
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Swallow J00!

Oh noes foreign food!

Mom: *cooking some instant Chinese soup thing* Mmmm, I feel like I'm in a Japanese Chinese restaurant.
Me: Japanese Chinese? XD

-As we're eating-

Mom: You know, this is a gourmet dish in China...
Me: *slurp* Oh really.


Mom: Do you know what Takahire soup is?
Me: *points to empty bowl* This?
Mom: Yes. But do you know what it means?
Me: No...
Mom: Congratulations, you've just eaten shark fin soup. :)
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