December 6th, 2005



Apparently mom hasn't had internet for some days now. She says she's trying to fix it and I HOPE it gets better by the end of the week because I've been really looking forward to having regular internet access again. AND CHAPTER 54 COMES OUT ON MONDAY OMFG!!!!!!!!! >___<
No internet at home means I'd be in a worse situation than I am here now, because the library is NOT just a short walk away. And most likely the home computer isn't weird like the laptop and won't allow me to get on AIM, either.

One working computer with internet access, that's all I'm asking for!!

EDIT: I finally figured out AIM Express. So if Chap. 54 comes out like, SUPER EARLY, I might be able to manage. That probably won't happen, but oh well, I can hope.

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