November 30th, 2005



Okay so I came up with a new short story idea yesterday while taking a nap and listening to Yuki Kajiura music. Yes, a SHORT STORY. NOT A NOVEL. :D With beginning, middle, and end! *rejoices*
Anyway, in this story there's a sort of romance,'s between a young boy and a lion. An adult female lion who is his mother figure (definite Oedipus complex here)! So...incestual, bestial, and pedophilic? It's so wrong, but at the same pure and sweet. *o* And the story fits in both fantasy and science fiction categories, so methinks I can have another chance at the Writers of the Future Contest this year. >DD

And Chapter 54 is coming out in a couple of weeks...because I'm on crack, here is my prediction of what will happen: Collapse )