November 19th, 2005


Anime Marathon

Okay, only a few minutes before the library closes, but I'm going to keep writing until they have to kick me out!

Today I showed:
GetBackers episodes 1-5 (success)
Kino no Tabi episodes 1-4 (somewhat success)
Yakitate Japan episodes 4-7 (success)
Monster episodes 1-4 (somewhat success)

I FEEL ACCOMPLISHED. However, Martian Successor Nadeshiko melted my brain. I know shows like Kino aren't exactly the best to watch with a group, but....I guess I just go for shows with some obvious quality, you know? I just can't stand the mecha genre, especially when 90% of the cast is made up of busty, hyperactive girls and space mumbo jumbo and I don't understand what's going on and oh looks robots, explosions, love triangles GAHHHHHHH.

Oh yeah, Steamboy wasn't so great. The animation was gorgeous and I was squeering over the steampunk Victorian England landscape OMG Crystal Palace!!! ...And then twenty minutes later, the whole thing erupted into meaningless explosions and destruction of Victorian London. WTF?? Come on, Fullmetal Alchemist pulled off the whole theme of that movie in less than three episodes...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention this before, but I got Alex to start reading the FMA manga. >D She found the MSN group, and she said right now she's stuck in the crappy scans of Vol. 5-6, but she will keep on reading!! *feels very accomplished*

And YES, I have a ride to the train station!! I asked at the end of the marathon, and this guy Stephen volunteered in case I couldn't find anyone else by Monday. And then after that, another guy volunteered (don't remember his name but I know he's trustworthy) and I didn't get his number, but he said he'd turn up at the right time. And he was stuttering when he was talking to me... O.o Er, because I'm a girl I guess??

OKAY G2G I want to stay online longer and stare at the manga calendar scans but nooooooo it's midnight. ;__; BYE!
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