November 13th, 2005

Swallow J00!


Update on the status of my computer: Well...I can turn it on now. But it's friggin slow as hell. I deleted all of my Avatar, Hikago, and Monster episodes (nuuuuu, I still haven't seen episode 38+, and ep. 37 had the cruelest cliffhanger ever) but it's still abnormally slow. I don't know why. Mom thinks that maybe some weird program snuck in somehow and is taking up all the memory...well, I'm still going to take it to IT services tomorrow to have it looked at.
Good news is that I can go on AIM, check e-mail, use Microsoft Word and print stuff. I can also open image files, but unfortunately music and video files are a no. I also can't open any webpages for some I'm wondering if anyone would be so kind as to send me the Chapter 53 scanlation over AIM when I get back on? D:
So until I get everything figured out, writing in LJ and replying to comments are limited to when I'm in the library.

Other than that, today has been good. :) Ate a big breakfast with mom, took some pictures of the campus so we could show my grandma in Japan, went to the bookstore (I bought more manga yay, and those figures that come with the 4th FMA Manga Volume look way too cheap for my money), and then we went to Cold Stone. :DD Even better, we found this REALLY GOOD Japanese restaurant next to Cold Stone. Well...we didn't have time to actually eat there, but from what we saw of the plastic food display in the window, it looks very authentic. You can tell a lot from plastic food, you know. We also found out that the place has existed since 1988 and when mom went inside to meet the sushi chef, she gasped "He's Japanese!! 8D"
Yes, that is a big deal to us. We are SO going there next time she visits.
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