November 12th, 2005

Ashita he

Voice Post: TO SUM UP

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“Spilt water on the laptop, computer freaked out. Turned it off for a while, started it up, it worked wonkily for a time, shut it down -- turned it off again, and now it won't bring it up. Very scared that it's not going to work, and that means she loses a lot -- anime, school work, the works. :( Not good.

Oh, and she gives the translation details. You can listen to that and I'm not transcribing it!”

Transcribed by: amurderofcrows

Update :/

So here I am, on the library computer for the third time today. I am SO bored. And it's far too lonely sitting in my room with no internet. I mean, usually I can just turn the computer on and suddenly be able to talk with dozens of people around the country. It's really sad how accustomed I've become to that...hard to believe that just eight years ago, I was computer illiterate.

I really need to make more RL friends...

Oh yeah, state of my laptop: IT services can take a look at it on Monday at the earliest. So meanwhile I'll have to do all my school stuff at the library or computer lab. Later tonight I might call Toshiba Customer Service too...

And, I miss AIM. D: Who's online right now? I want to talk with someone, discuss the new chapter, something!

EDIT: ZOMG, hagaren_manga is only one member away from reaching 200!! O.O
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...Oh yeah, mom is coming tomorrow to keep me company. :D; I feel guilty for having her drive all the way out here again, but at the same time it makes me happy. ♥ I have to make her take me to Cold Stone again!!!
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