November 4th, 2005


Nekocon Day 1

My loot:

Hagaren manga Vol. 10 & 11 (FINALLY!!)
Kino no Tabi novel Vol. 9 (I wish I had my scanner, those drawings under the cover are priceless)
State Alchemist watch (8D Who cares if it's cheap and probably unofficial, it hooks onto my pants and the "Don't forget" part is manga canon!!)
Ed & Al pins (replaced the Raichu badge on my purse; Al's horn and Ed's antenna are sharp XD)
Kino cellphone strap (So pretty 8DD~)

I asked the guy at the Kasuga booth and he said the Hagaren manga calendar hasn't come out yet. :( And I couldn't find that Nana Kitade CD I wanted...
Things to buy tomorrow: I want another Kino badge for my purse, and I'm considering getting an Al pillow or plushie. For some reason I found myself fangirling Al a lot today...

Oh yeah, I was hanging out with this girl named Alex from the Anime Club the whole time because this is her first con; she's a Narutard and proud of it, heheh. I showed her some of the FMA manga, explaining what was happening, and I've managed to get her interested in it (previously she'd only seen the anime). I was also able to talk a lot and hang out with some cool people, so all in all it's been good~
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