November 2nd, 2005

Ashita he

Quick update!

So. The reason I haven't been posting? Much of my free time for the past few days have been taken up by watching Monster and Avatar: The Last Airbender (which isn't an anime but mind as well be). Sooo good and addictive, both of them. And we've been watching Escaflowne in Anime Club- that's good too. My need for entertainment is being fed very generously this week.

My voice is back now and doesn't sound like shit. ^__^ Cough is still there, and I have a runny nose, but nothing that impedes my lifestyle too much. Whee.

Someone at Anime Club requested watching GetBackers at the marathon next weekend. No one had it though...except me. So they told me to bring it. >) They also want me to bring more Yakitate Japan. Maybe I'll try to sneak in a viewing of Kino or Monster too...

Nekocon this weekend! Currently making a shopping list for the dealer's room. :D I will get my hands on the 2006 FMA manga calendar (if I can find it) and the new Kino novel!! And maybe some manga and various merchandise...

Happy Birthday avianthropy! Now to watch more Monster~
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